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Commercial greenhouse construction:

Commercial Greenhouse construction

Commercial Greenhouse construction

Commercial Greenhouse construction

  • Venlow Glass Greenhouses
  • Curved Glass Greenhouses


poly green house construction

poly green house construction

  •  Free Standing or Gutter Connected Poly
  • Construction of Twin Wall Polycarbonate Covered Greenhouses
  • Construction of Corrugated Polycarbonate Greenhouses
Shade/ heat retention or photoperiod/ blackout systems:
  • Installation of Sliding systems in most types of structures
  • Installation of rack and pinion style systems in Venlow Greenhouses
  • Installation of cable drive systems in Venlow Greenhouses
  • Installation of Rollup Walls and Curtains
  • Installation of replacement heat retention and shade fabric

Blackout system at Quik

Greenhouse repair:
  • Repair to all types of greenhouses

  • Repairs to ventilation systems

  • Repairs to shade/heat retention systems

  • Repairs to rolling benches

Greenhouse Repair

  • Scheduled maintenance programs for greenhouses
  • Scheduled maintenance for shade/heat retention systems
Loading docks:
  • Installation of loading docks
  • Installation of dock levellers
Turnkey projects:
  • Complete turnkey projects available

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