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Sale of complete greenhouses and turnkey projects: Glass, Poly, Polycarbonate
  • 4mm float replacement glass
  • 3mm float replacement glass
  • Tempered glass

Glass delivery

Polyethylene Covering:

We Deliver!

  • 2,4 & 6 mil Greenhouse UV Covering
  • White winter covering


  • Twin wall polycarbonate 4,6,8 & 12 mil thickness
  • Corrugated sheets
Shade and heat retentions systems:
shade system sales and installation Components of shade and retention systems
  • complete shade/blackout systems
  • Phorium or LS fabrics
  • replacement fabric for your system
  • replacement gear drive motor units
  • Ridder replacement parts
  • Replacement drive components
  • Aircraft cable
  • Monofilament 2.5mm nylon wire

Components of shade and retention systems

Heat Lift Systems:
  • Supply and installation of mechanically operated lift systems to raise netting and heating

  • Supply of netting

Ventilation parts:
Ventilation components Ventilation components
  • Ridder replacement ventilation drive components
  • Ridder gear drive units
  • 27mm or 32mm galvanized round tubing
  • Misc. ventilation parts
Transportation carts:

VRE transportation cart

  • VRE transportation carts for the greenhouse industry
  • VRE nursery wagons
  • VRE garden carts
  • Replacement castors
Garden centre fixtures:

VRE garden cart

  • VRE display shelving
  • VRE plant display racking
  • VRE garden carts
  • VRE Nursery carts
  • VRE garden center shopping carts
  • VRE security fencing
  • VRE freestanding sales areas
Concrete Floors and Walkways:
  • Complete of concrete floors and walkways

  • Complete supply and installation of ebb and flood floors

  • Complete installation of walkways and concrete pads

Concrete flooring being laid

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